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Can You Get Pregnant Without Damaging the Hymen?

Is it possible to get pregnant without breaking the hymen?

It is possible to become pregnant without the hymen being damaged, damaged or torn. It may occur as a result of the partner ejaculating at the entrance of the vagina through friction, without full sexual intercourse, without the penis entering the vagina. Sperms are very fast moving cells.

Can You Get Pregnant Without Damaging the Hymen?

It comes from the moist environment to the vagina, from the vagina to the uterus, and from the uterus to the tubes, fertilizing the egg and ensuring pregnancy. In other words, the man's penis does not need to enter the vagina. It is also possible for a woman to become pregnant by ejaculating in front of the vagina.

In this case, the hymen is intact, the girl is a virgin, but pregnancy has occurred. In addition, sperm cells are also found in the sexual fluid of men, that is, the fluid produced without ejaculation. Contact between male and female genitals during sexual intercourse also carries the risk of pregnancy. Prolonged contact of sexual organs, even if not full sexual intercourse, may cause sperm cells from the sexual fluid to reach the uterus, which means a risk of pregnancy.

Sperm cells can live for 72 hours. If the partner and the woman had sexual intercourse through friction, there is a risk of pregnancy as the sperm cells will be alive at the entrance of the vagina for 3 days. Dear reader reading these lines, if you say "I am a virgin, I have a partner and we have sex through friction", you are at risk.

If you are reading these lines, I hope you have realized that you can get pregnant from the pleasure fluid even if the penis does not ejaculate in front of the vagina. In this case, it will be to your benefit to be protected with an effective protection method. There is also a risk of pregnancy in methods such as the calendar method and ovulation time method.

An intact hymen does not prevent pregnancy!

Although the presence of the hymen symbolizes virginity due to the pressure of society, it does not block the entrance to the vagina as a tissue that prevents pregnancy since the entrance to the vagina is open. It is just a mucosal fold. Since the vaginal entrance is open, you run the risk of becoming pregnant from the pleasure fluid or your partner's ejaculation in front of the vagina. You need to be protected with an effective contraceptive method.

Women who have doubts about getting pregnant before their hymen is intact can use the morning-after pill!

If you are not using one of the contraceptive methods and have had intercourse through questionable sexual friction, are worried about getting pregnant, or have encountered situations where sperm cells come into contact with the entrance to the vagina, you may have a chance to protect yourself from pregnancy by using the morning-after pill.

Morning-after pills must be taken within 3 days after sexual intercourse. The sooner it is taken, the more effective protection it provides. It is successful in preventing pregnancy. It is necessary not to use this pill multiple times within a month, because it may cause some medical problems. It should never be used as a contraceptive method, it is a drug that should only be preferred in emergency situations.

In what cases does the chance of getting pregnant without breaking the hymen increase?

  • The male partner ejaculates at the entrance of the vagina,
  • Vaginal wetting during foreplay and contact with pleasure fluids,
  • Those with a flexible hymen may have the possibility of becoming pregnant through full sexual intercourse without damaging the hymen.
  • Absence of hymen and sexual intercourse,
  • The vaginal entrance is too wide,
  • Thin hymen,
  • The presence of a hymen structure suitable for the entrance of the penis.

By ejaculating in front of the vagina, in front of the vulva, the sperm in the seminal fluid can enter the vagina even if the penis does not fully enter the vagina. Sperm can travel from the vagina to the cervix and then into the uterus to fertilize the egg.

Since sperms remain alive for 72 hours after ejaculation and are very fast-moving cells, if ovulation occurs on the days of intercourse, there is a possibility of fertilization and therefore pregnancy. In this way, you can get pregnant without damaging the hymen.

If you have a flexible hymen, there is a possibility of getting pregnant when you ejaculate into the vagina with penis penetration without damaging the hymen. Sometimes the hymen may not be present at birth or may be in the form of thin remnants.

In such cases, there is a possibility of becoming pregnant without bleeding, that is, without the hymen being damaged, and in these relationships, there will be no bleeding during intercourse. Just because there is no bleeding does not mean there is no possibility of getting pregnant!

When vaginal wetting and sufficient vaginal lubrication are achieved through foreplay, the muscles around the vagina relax during sexual intercourse, and when the vaginal mucosa reaches a sufficient lubrication level, sexual intercourse occurs without opening the hymen. In such sexual intercourses, bleeding is generally not expected and there is still a possibility of pregnancy.

Anatomically, if the hymen opening is wide and the vagina is wide, it is also suitable for penis penetration. When sufficient vaginal lubrication is provided, it is difficult for the hymen to rupture during sexual intercourse. In this case, your probability of getting pregnant without breaking the hymen is very high.

Although the hymen is a thin fold in women, its thickness may be greater or thinner in some women. If the hymen has a thinner structure than normal, it will be difficult to tear during sexual intercourse, so there is no possibility of it breaking, and bleeding is not expected in such sexual intercourse. In such cases, there is a possibility of becoming pregnant.

If any of the above mentioned items happen to you, there is a possibility that you may become pregnant! Therefore, if your menstrual period is delayed or any of the symptoms of pregnancy appear, you should definitely take a pregnancy test.

If you have such a doubt or have had such a questionable sexual intercourse, it will be to your benefit to use the morning-after pill before reaching this stage. Therefore, it is important for women to be informed about these issues. Because in case of an unwanted pregnancy, there are various legal regulations in our country for the abortion of the baby.

If you become pregnant after unprotected sexual intercourse with a good contraceptive method, you may need to have an abortion. Considering all this, it is important to protect yourself through effective and reliable contraception in order to avoid situations that will disturb you psychologically.

My hymen is intact but I got pregnant, what should I do?

We all know that there are many women in our country and around the world who become pregnant despite being virgins. There is a misconception among women and in society that the presence of a hymen will prevent pregnancy. Due to these false beliefs, the number of women who are pregnant even though they are virgins is quite high. These women often face major psychological trauma.

Update Date: 31.01.2023
Op. Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ
Op. Dr. Azer Aras Uluğ
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