Op. Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ
Op. Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ

Hymenoplasty in Turkey

Hymenoplasty in Turkey

What is Hymen Stitching?

Hymenoplasty still maintains its importance in today's world, in our geography, for sociological and psychological reasons, and with concepts such as social, moral and honor attributed to the hymen.

Hymenoplasty aims to eliminate the traces, psychological and sociological effects of previous events. In our clinic, we can help young girls who apply for maidenhair transplantation and eliminate the life and psychological effects.

Women who apply for hymen transplantation usually apply to us with intense anxiety and concern. When we listen to their stories, they say they have never had sexual experience before.

They usually state that they either had sexual intercourse because they were deceived by the promise of marriage, or that they were harassed by one of their relatives within the family, or that they applied to us to have their hymen stitched because they experienced slight bleeding during lovemaking with their partners without full intercourse, without realizing what was happening.

When a young woman experiences any of these situations, she wants to be completely sure of her virginity and cannot even bear to think about the possibility of not bleeding when she gets married in the future. Naturally, she wants to ensure herself. It is 2023 and if we are still talking about this issue and this society has still not been able to get rid of this pressure, there is not much to say, it is necessary to do it this clearly!

How is Hymen Stitching Done?

What is actually aimed with hymen stitching is the necessity of bleeding during the next sexual intercourse. Women who apply for this purpose usually come across having researched issues such as how long the procedure will take, where it is safe to have it done, how it is done, its risks, and its types.

Especially since young girls cannot proceed with hymen transplantation by asking another doctor or getting a reference, they need to pay attention to phone calls, the reputation of the doctor, clinic location, city, etc. They choose us and come to us based on the topics.

There are two types of hymen stitching methods. These are the temporary hymen transplantation method and the other is the permanent hymen transplantation method. The physician usually decides which of these methods will be preferred after the examination. If there is only a short time left until the wedding, permanent hymen transplantation is generally not preferred. Permanent hymen stitching usually takes up to 6 weeks to heal.

Temporary Hymenoplasty (Temporary Hymenoplasty)

Temporary hymen stitching is performed under local anesthesia in clinical conditions. It is done 2-7 days before intercourse. Thin, invisible and self-absorbable stitches are placed on the hymen and the vaginal walls behind it, and the vaginal entrance is narrowed circularly, leaving a small gap in the middle.

Temporary hymen stitching is a simple technique. It is applied under local anesthesia. During the procedure, there is no pain or suffering. Processing time is approximately 10-15 minutes. Bleeding occurs during the first sexual intercourse after hymen repair.

Permanent Hymenoplasty (Permanent Hymenoplasty)

Permanent hymen stitching can be performed under clinical conditions, under local anesthesia or light sedation anesthesia. The flap shifting method is applied from inside the vagina by lifting the vaginal wall. A new hymen is created from the vaginal wall just behind the hymen. For this procedure, it is necessary to apply approximately 6-8 weeks before sexual intercourse.

There is no need to remove used stitches. Very thin, self-absorbing stitches are used. No scars are left and are not visible. The hymen does not break down until a new sexual intercourse is established, it protects itself and bleeding occurs during the first sexual intercourse.

Hymen Stitching Price Konya

Hymenoplasty prices, the hospital, office, clinic, etc. where the surgery will be performed, and the gynecologist who will perform the surgery are issues that need to be researched and selected accordingly. Regarding the price, you can call our clinic and get price information. You should keep in mind that the prices of the technique to be chosen and the anesthesia to be applied may vary.

What Should Be Considered After Hymenoplasty?

After the hymen is stitched, people leave the clinic on foot. But we tell them that they need to travel in a private vehicle when going home.

We do not want them to get out of bed during the 3 days at home, except for an emergency, and we also ask them not to come into contact with water such as baths, showers and pools for the first three days.

After three days, they should take a standing shower, avoid constipation for a week, eat fiber-rich foods during this period, consume soups and more watery foods, and also follow a balanced and healthy diet rich in vitamins and proteins to ensure faster wound healing. It is important.

If possible, we would like them to use a flush toilet (toilet) for ten days and to cleanse the genital area with boiled and cooled water when necessary, and then to dry it by touching it with a cotton cloth without rubbing, and to be careful to keep this area dry with a hair dryer.

After the procedure, antibiotics are started to protect against infection and for better wound healing. They can continue their daily activities after three days. Ten days after permanent hymen transplantation, you can go to the relevant physician for a check-up. In cases where this is not possible, it is useful to check before marriage.

What causes bleeding after hymen repair?

After the hymen is stitched, there may be some bleeding in the form of leakage. This is actually an expected and normal situation, but there are some situations that cause bleeding and may be important. If we list the causes of bleeding:

  • Stitches may loosen or come loose,
  • Sitting that puts excessive pressure on the hips, sitting and standing up hard,
  • Starting exercise before the stitches are fully healed,
  • Touching the stitch area with your hand or anything else,
  • While you should rest, waking up early and taking heavy walks may cause bleeding.

If the bleeding is heavy or menstrual-like, then it is necessary to consult the doctor who performed the stitching again, but other than that, bleeding in the form of leakage is normal and you do not need to worry.

Which doctors should we not go to for hymen repair?

Hymenoplasty, that is, hymenoplasty, is performed by trained and experienced gynecologists.

I had my hymen stitched, will my wife understand this?

When you have sexual intercourse, it is not obvious to the person you are having sexual intercourse with. Only gynecologists and forensic physicians working in this field can understand this.

I had my hymen stitched, will it 100% bleed?

If the person who repaired the hymen had it done by competent experts, it will bleed 100% of the time.

Can people who have had a normal birth before also have their hymen stitched?

People who have had a normal birth before can also have their hymen stitched for fantasy purposes by their spouses, if they wish. In this section, I have created a section with the questions you are most curious about. I hope I can be useful to you.

Are the hymen stitches shared with anyone or any institution?

Considering the social dimension and importance of this event, it will not be shared with anyone in your institution or family. No records are kept, it remains confidential between the patient and the physician because it is very private and confidential.

I have had many sexual partners. Will this affect the success of hymen transplantation?

What is important during the procedure is that the correct technique is applied by experts, depending on the type of hymen. The number of partners does not matter.

I had sexual intercourse before but it did not bleed. The doctor said it was flexible. Can I still have my hymen stitched?

Anatomically, people with a thin and flexible hymen do not experience bleeding during the first sexual intercourse. They can also bleed during the first sexual intercourse by repairing the hymen.

When is the most suitable time for hymen transplantation?

We plan this surgical repair operation after the end of menstruation. Menstrual blood may prevent the stitches from becoming infected and boiling.

Is the procedure performed by completely anesthetizing the hymen?

Hymenoplasty, that is, hymenoplasty, is a surgical method performed in both types, sometimes under local anesthesia and sometimes under light sedation anesthesia. It is done to women who say they don't want to hear anything, by putting them to sleep. The type of anesthesia to be applied does not have any effect on surgical success or procedure duration.

I inserted a finger into my vagina while masturbating, can it be stitched?

Inserting a finger or another object into the vagina during masturbation may damage the hymen. However, the structure of the hymen will not be damaged by masturbation and friction without inserting anything into the vagina. If the structure is damaged, the hymen can be stitched.

Does the damaged hymen heal on its own?

If the cervical membrane is opened or damaged, it is not possible for it to heal on its own. The hymen of the hymen needs to be repaired surgically.

Is it possible to get pregnant without breaking the hymen?

If the man ejaculates in front of the vagina without sexual intercourse, that is, without the penis entering the vagina and without breaking the hymen, there may be a possibility of pregnancy. The female genital area should not come into contact with the semen fluid containing sperm. Due to the ability of sperm to survive for 72 hours, pregnancy may occur in rare cases. In such cases, it is useful to protect yourself with a method such as taking the morning after pill.

Does hymen stitching affect my menstrual cycle?

Hymenoplasty does not primarily affect your hormones or menstrual cycle, but the stress and anxiety you experience, as well as if you are anesthetized, may affect your hormone balance. This may cause irregularity and affect your menstrual cycle. It is generally expected that menstrual delays will occur after hymen repair.

Can anyone have hymen stitched?

All women over the age of 18 can consult a physician for hymen repair. People under the age of 18 can have their hymen stitched with written permission from one of their parents.

Are female circumcision and hymen repair the same thing?

Hymenoplasty should not be confused with the surgery to remove the clitoris, also known as female circumcision. Female circumcision is an operation that violates women's rights and human rights. It is a surgery performed mostly in African countries to remove the clitoris to prevent a woman from experiencing pleasure. However, hymen stitching is a surgical method to achieve bleeding during the first sexual intercourse.

Update Date: 30.01.2023
Op. Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ
Op. Dr. Azer Aras Uluğ
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