Op. Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ
Op. Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ

Labiaplasty Surgery

Labiaplasty Surgery

What is labiaplasty surgery?

Labiaplasty is the removal of the excess of the inner lips, which we call Labia Minor as the anatomical name, located in the female genital area, just at the entrance of the vagina, inside the outer lips. The labia minora are larger than the labia minora.

This appearance varies from person to person. Sometimes the inner lips are drooping, sometimes folded, sometimes asymmetrical, sometimes like elephant ears, and sometimes dark in color. My observation in my own patient examinations is that many of these are found together. Many problems accompany labial size in most women. It is an anatomical abnormality. Correction of the anatomical problem is called labiaplasty surgery.

What is Labiaplasty?

Labiaplasty is a surgery to reduce the labium minus (inner lip) in the genital area. Labium minus is the surgery to correct the labium majus (outer lip),which is larger or sagging than the labium majus (outer lip) located just at the entrance of the vagina and just outside of it.

In labiaplasty operations, in most patients, in addition to labial size, it is also observed that there is an inequality between the left and right labia. With labiaplasty surgery, this inequality can be corrected and both labia can be restored to equal size and appearance.

Anatomically, the inner labia should normally be in the same alignment or a few millimeters outside the outer labia. With labiaplasty surgery, they can be reduced so that they remain inside the outer lips and the excess can be removed.

Some women apply to the clinic to correct their troublesome situation by saying that my inner labia are like elephant ears. This is because their labia are both long and saggy, and it is not normal for them to have this appearance.

Labioplasty Konya, Turkey

Sagging labia, which is both appearance and aesthetic problematic, causes unhappiness and health problems in women. Our female patients mostly apply to our clinic in Konya due to vaginal aesthetic (narrowing) surgeries and labioplasty surgeries. In fact, when the labia are long and saggy, they cannot fulfill their anatomical function and cause some genital system diseases and sexual problems.

Our female patients who have abnormally long, saggy, folded, large and sometimes dark colored labia and who apply with this problem; especially in our young patients, there are serious psychological disorders and lack of self-confidence.

We see that they cannot even tolerate looking at their own vulva and genital organs and that they do not like themselves, and we witness that they do not even think of marriage and that they cannot have sexual intercourse just because of this.

In most women, the fear of being disliked by the opposite sex, even if they have never had sexual intercourse, is the reason why they do not get married and have no sexual experience. These women also have other dramas. When they wear jeans, leggings, pants and underwear, the inner lips cause discomfort, causing them to limit themselves in social environments, daily life, and to feel bad in sports and daily activities. We often witness these women avoiding swimsuits, bikinis, leggings, pants, etc. on bicycles, bikes, etc.

Once, a beautiful young girl came into my room because it was her turn to see a patient in that outpatient clinic. She was like spring with her curly, waist-length hair, her eyes were like night, and her skin was tanned.

She hesitantly told me her problem and when she started to speak, I saw her sparkling teeth and shy smile. I encouraged him to speak, maybe he would have hesitated to tell if I hadn't questioned him. Her first sentence was "I am a dolphin, doctor lady" I couldn't understand at first, then she explained it to me "I am a motorcycle police officer" she said "I am on the motorcycle every day and although I love my profession very much, I have become very difficult to do it" she completed her sentence with embarrassment, I understood the event immediately, I didn't push her any more, I said I was glad you came, I said we will solve this problem, don't worry, I said Shortly after, she had surgery.

Now that beautiful girl is about to realize her long postponed idea of getting married. A week ago she came to me with a wedding invitation. Again, she came to my clinic with her warm smile, her hair like spring, and there was a very confident young girl in front of me... Be very happy Yasminim

Why Labiaplasty?

The presence of a large raised mass in front of the vagina, sometimes with long labia like cauliflower, creates a constantly humid environment here, and is the basis for a chronic vaginal infection and sometimes bartholin gland abscess by adding to the infection of the bartholin glands.

How does this large swollen mass negatively affect sexuality? Of course, while the penis enters and exits the vagina, the woman needs to open it with her hands, but the labia are forced to enter the vagina at every entrance and exit. The woman feels pain, let alone pleasure, the visual disturbs the visual disturbs the sexual distress. Not to mention the fact that the woman feels bad towards her husband, which is why labiaplasty is a saving surgery.

Again one day I was doing patient examinations in my clinic. I greeted my next patient and her face was so smiling that she was looking at me as if I had operated on her and got rid of all her troubles. I said, "Welcome, beautiful smiling woman." She looked at me and said, "I know, teacher, you will save me from this trouble I have suffered for years.

I asked her what is your problem, her smile faded, her head fell in front of her, she lowered her gaze to her feet, in a low voice, almost afraid to be heard in a whisper, "teacher, I pee inside my legs" And that woman with that beautiful smile had labiaplasty surgery the very next week. She is now free from this problem and has an aesthetic appearance. She has more satisfying orgasms in her sexual life, her sexual self-confidence has returned. Be very happy, Hicranim.

My patients, whom I follow up intermittently with the controls I have performed labiaplasty surgery, say that they feel more comfortable in daily life and social environment, their self-confidence has increased and they are liberated by getting rid of the negativities in their sexual life.

Why do the labia deform later on?

When a girl child is born, they are born in such a way that the inner lips remain inside the outer lips. During puberty, the levels of hormones in the blood cause visual changes in the labia. For this reason, in most women, the labia minora can become drooping, long, folded, folded and cauliflower-like. Since there is a constant moist environment between these skin folds, dark changes in the labia usually occur after recurrent vaginal infections and itchy conditions.

Asymmetrical, that is, if both labia (inner labia) are not equal, it also occurs during puberty. Very rarely, it is seen from birth.

How is Labiaplasty Surgery Performed?

Labiaplasty surgery is performed in the operating room under general or spinal anesthesia. The duration of the surgery varies between 45 minutes and 2 hours.

I prefer to hospitalize the patients I perform labiaplasty for one night after the operation. However, since labiaplasty is an operation performed with different techniques, I can discharge some of our patients on the same day. During the operation, we remove the asymmetrical excessively large, asymmetrical, fringe, excess labia in the labia. We reduce them in an appearance suitable for the size they should be anatomically.

During labiplasty surgery, we reduce the excess tissue on and around the clitoris, which we experts call cliteroplasty, also called clitoris aesthetics, in the most appropriate way to the anatomical structure.

When we do not perform clitoris aesthetics, when the labia shrink, the clitoris and the surrounding tissues will look like a puffy and swollen structure like a micropenis, which will cause both an aesthetically unpleasant appearance and unhappy patient results.

Clitoris aesthetics should be performed in competent hands and with careful surgery. Because it is necessary to know the location of the anatomical vascular and nerve bundles leading to the clitoris very well, and accordingly, it is necessary to calculate the tissues to be removed in surgery and approach with the appropriate technique.

We gynecologists are very familiar with the anatomy of the vulva, vagina, perineum and clitoris, but not every gynecologist can perform labiaplasty and genital aesthetic surgeries because special training and experience is required.

In labiaplasty surgery, other surgeons often have difficulty in adding clitoris aesthetics for this reason. With careful surgery in clitoris aesthetics, there is no loss of sensation in sexual life after surgery, on the contrary, orgasm and satisfaction are experienced much more intensely.

What awaits you after lapioplasty surgery?

Our patients return to their daily activities and work tempo 3 days after the operation. We do not want to take a bath and shower on the day of the operation and for the first 2 days after the operation. After 3 days, we ask them to take a standing shower.

We inform our patients about personal hygiene. We prohibit sexual intercourse for 4 weeks after the operation. We also recommend that they do not enter the pool, spa and sea for 4 weeks.

When are the stitches removed after labiaplasty surgery?

We prefer the type of sutures we use in labiaplasty surgery, which can be completely absorbed by the body. Therefore, you do not need to have stitches removed after surgery. The stitches will be completely absorbed and shed by themselves.

After the wound healing is completely finished after labiaplasty surgery, there will be no suture scar in this area. You do not need to consult a doctor again to have your stitches removed or to come for a follow-up visit.

Can Cliteroplasty, i.e. Clitoris Aesthetic Surgery and Labiaplasty Surgery be performed at the same time?

Actually, maybe the right question should be Should clitoris aesthetics and labiaplasty surgery be performed at the same time?

My personal observation is that in my patients; deformities of the inner lips are often accompanied by larger, curved, folded and darker skin excesses around and above the clitoris. For this reason, I perform clitoris aesthetics, i.e. cliteroplasty surgery, together with labiaplasty surgery for my patients with this shape.

In labiaplasty surgery, we talk with my patients beforehand about what shape we will give to the labia. And in line with her wishes, I decide what technique I will apply to a labia in surgery. In labiaplasty surgery, most of the time my patients want the inner lips to be completely removed.

When they look from the outside, they demand that the outer lips remain inside. At this stage, although we attach importance to the wishes of my patients, we do not want the labia to be completely removed. Because of the drawbacks of complete removal anatomically.

Whatever is anatomically most appropriate, we decide to make an application in this direction in line with the patient's request. In other words, we find a middle way together and determine the most suitable shape normally.

Is Sexual Pleasure Affected After Labiaplasty Surgery?

When we remove the excess tissues around the labia and clitoris, there is no loss of sensation. On the contrary, since we eliminate unnecessary tissue folds in these areas, this area becomes more sensitive, thus allowing sexual pleasure to be experienced more intensely. In addition, almost all of our patients frequently state that with the change in the appearance of their external genital organs, both their self-confidence and sexual self-confidence have increased and they have achieved more sexual happiness.

Can I have labiaplasty surgery if I am a virgin? Will my virginity deteriorate during the surgery?

In labiaplasty and clitoris aesthetic surgeries, we never damage the hymen, that is, the hymen. Because the hymen is not in the same anatomical region as the labia and clitoris. And it is 3-4 cm inside the vagina. Any young girl who has completed the age of eighteen can have this surgery. In other words, adolescents and virgins can easily have labiaplasty surgery.

I Had Labiaplasty Surgery, Can I Have a Normal Birth?

Young girls from Turkey and many parts of the world who are considering labiaplasty surgery frequently contact us for this question. Patients who are considering labiaplasty surgery and frequently call me by phone to get information about this issue are curious about the answer to this question and want to learn.

Of course, you can have a normal birth after labiaplasty surgery. Labiaplasty surgery does not prevent normal delivery. The stitches used are absorbed by the body and leave no trace.

Even if you are examined by a gynecologist after labiaplasty surgery, no doctor will understand that you have had labiaplasty surgery unless you say so. Of course, it is also not possible for your partner to understand that you have had labiaplasty surgery. After labiaplasty surgery, there will be an almost 'born from the mother' appearance.

Vaginal Tightening in the Same Session with Labiaplasty Surgery

Both labiaplasty and vaginoplasty at the same time are requested by many of my female patients, especially those who have given birth normally. Thus, with both labiaplasty and vaginoplasty surgery at the same time, she gets rid of both problems. In addition, they also go through a common period in terms of some issues to be considered after the surgery and reach their satisfaction processes in a shorter time.

In fact, I prefer to encourage my patients in this direction. There is no repeated anesthesia and hospitalization process. They get rid of both problems at the same time. In some of my patients, I can even create a surgery plan that combines both troublesome problems such as urinary incontinence, bad suture scars due to childbirth and filling in the outer lips, as well as aesthetic problems.

Labiaplasty Surgery Price 2023 Turkey

The prices of labiaplasty surgery can be different in each clinic. This is usually due to many variables such as the type of anesthesia applied to you during the surgery, the structure, width, length of your inner lips, the structure, folds and folds of your clitoris, as well as the accompanying additional operations. Another factor in the cost of labiaplasty is closely related to the properties and prices of the suture materials used specifically for you, and whether the products are absorbable or not.

What is the price of labiaplasty surgery? What determines this price?

I think this question is perhaps the most curious and asked by clients and patients. The pricing is closely related to the condition of the woman's labia and the condition of the clitoris. It is closely related to the shape, sagging, size, asymmetry and folds of these tissues. I have seen some women whose labia are extremely saggy and large, even touching their legs, and in some women I have seen a very small slight asymmetry.

Ultimately, both labial appearances have a negative impact on the psychology of these women. Some turn it into an obsession. Although there is no emergency in these patients, we eliminate the inequality by performing unilateral inner lip reduction for only asymmetry, that is, inequality, where the labia are not small and sagging. We perform inner lip correction surgery.

You Decided to Have Labiaplasty Surgery What Should You Pay Attention to When Choosing Your Doctor?

Due to the sensitivity of the anatomical structures of the labia and clitoris, labiaplasty surgeries are specific surgeries that require special experience, experience and knowledge. There is a risk of edema, hematoma and infection after surgery. Therefore, surgical approach to the tissues should be performed with minimal trauma.

In cases where labiaplasty surgeries are performed by doctors who are not qualified in this field, women's unhappiness with the new shape of their labia may deepen and increase and disappointment may occur.

When choosing the appropriate clinic and gynecologist for labiaplasty surgery, you should also have information about the scientific identity of your gynecologist who will perform the surgery, his/her experience, skills, clinical experiences and studies in this field.

It may be appropriate to see the pre- and post-operative photos of the patients your doctor has operated on before. In addition to choosing the appropriate gynecologist, you should also consider the sterilization of the environment where the surgery will be performed, compliance with hygienic rules, and that the operating room should have sufficient surgical technical equipment.

We can say that labiaplasty surgery among genital aesthetic surgeries takes the lead in the application ranking. Labiaplasty surgery is the correction of the labium minuses at the entrance of the vagina and the labium majus, which is located just outside of it, by removing the excess if it is larger or sagging.

Sometimes there may be asymmetry between the right and left labia. Again, with labiaplasty surgery, it is possible to bring both of them to equal size.

My patients mostly apply to labiaplasty surgery with visual and aesthetic concerns. But in fact, when we deepen the conversation with these patients, most women express that there are functional and functional problems.

Abnormally large, drooping and folded labia cause this area to remain moist all day long. This leads to infections called chronic vaginitis or infections of the bartholin glands and abscesses. These women, who have aesthetic and visual concerns about their external genital organs, lose self-confidence over time. Gradually, this is reflected in their sexual life.

After young girls enter puberty, depending on their genetic structure, some of them start to have larger, saggier and more asymmetrical labia than normal. As a result, they do not even want to look at their vulva because of this appearance and they worry that a man will not like them for this reason and they experience future anxiety.

In some young girls, an abnormally large labia can look bad, almost like a micro penis. These women may also experience painful intercourse when they have sex because of this clump of tissue that seems to block their partner's penis and the entrance to the vagina.

These women whose labia are larger, saggy or asymmetrical than normal do not feel comfortable in social settings and while doing their daily work. They avoid wearing swimsuits, bikinis, jeans, tights and tight pants. I also have patients who apply with many similar complaints. I witness very high patient satisfaction after labiaplasty surgery performed on such patients.

Is Inner Lip Sagging Normal?

When you stand, do your inner lips inside your outer lips look saggy and long? Do you not understand why your inner lips are so saggy? You are a virgin, you have not even given birth yet, you have never been touched by a man's hand. Are you wondering why they are so long? Are you trying to understand how they got so long? Is this normal or abnormal? Here are the answers you are looking for;

The labia minora, the labia minora, are not exactly the same in every woman, just like our eyebrows, nose and eyes, in fact no labia minora is abnormal. However, the inner lips, which women generally see as "ideal" and mostly want us to do, are shorter, kinder, thinner and inner than the outer lips and are not visible from the outside.

Apart from physical aesthetic appearance, 'hypertrophic', that is, thick-skinned and sagging inner lips cause discomfort such as tissue lumps in underwear or a bad appearance like dark cauliflower, frequent vaginal infections due to moisture during sexual intercourse and forced penetration into the vagina, which causes pain in the woman due to stretching.

Why Do Some Women Have Drooping Labia, Inner Lips?

The reason is genetic! Very rarely, even tiny girls are noticed by their mothers to have prominent or drooping inner lips and are taken to the doctor with fear. Moreover, this appearance gradually increases as the girl enters puberty and the hormones rising in the blood come on the scene.

From time to time, infection develops and this causes a constant itching and irritation, a feeling of discomfort. Another less common cause is tissue dryness and irritation due to improper masturbation, which can cause the inner lips to enlarge and increase their sagging.

To summarize briefly, virgins may have sagging labia minora. At the same time, there is no harm in those who have virginity to have this surgery, that is, labiaplasty inner lip shortening.

What Causes Later Labia Enlargement and Sagging?

The labia, that is, the inner lips being larger than normal, sagging and unequal, usually begin to develop after hormonal changes during puberty. Realizing that this situation is not normal, young girls become obsessed with it.

Gradually this obsession increases and they may start to play with and irritate these tissues. This leads to even more discomfort. Especially the clothes worn by young girls at school, in the gym, in social environments while doing sports, tights, wearing bikinis and swimsuits in the summer, the excessive size of the labia labia on the vulva begins to cause problems.

The young girl often needs to hide this area because she is embarrassed and often needs to straighten her underwear because the labia minora are trapped between the underwear. These women also have problems with their self-confidence in their sexual life and reflect this to their partners even if they do not want to. This causes more conflict in bilateral relationships. It can cause problems to grow by eliminating them.

When we look from the hygiene perspective, if the labium minus, that is, the inner lips are larger than normal, it causes this area to remain constantly moist. As a result, the balance of vaginal flora is disturbed. It causes frequent vaginal discharge and vaginal infection. The constant moistness of the labia, that is, the inner labia, also invites other infections. The reason why urinary tract infections often accompany vaginal infections is their close neighborhood.

The presence of visual asymmetric deformities in the inner lips of the genital area and the obsession of the person with this obsession leads to various problems both in private life and in social environments. For this reason, it is important for women with such problems to solve this problem before it grows too much from young girlhood.

After the surgery, you will rest in the hospital for 1 night. In general, our patients can do their daily work lightly in their home environment after 3 days of rest at home. After labiaplasty surgery, correction of the labia minora, we prescribe antibiotics and painkillers for home use.

What should be considered after labiaplasty surgery?

  • It is an important detail to pay attention to the hygiene of the genital area,
  • After using the toilet, the anus should be washed well and care should be taken not to touch the suture area when wiping,
  • We give advice on how to keep the surgical site dry,
  • We will ban him from going to places like the sea, pool, bathtub, jacuzzi and hammam for 4 weeks,
  • We ask her to take a break from stretching exercises for the genital area such as Pilates yoga gymnastics for 4 weeks,
  • We ask him not to do activities such as horseback riding, motorcycling, cycling for 4 weeks,
  • We also ask her not to have sexual intercourse for 4 weeks,
  • Hair removal activities such as epilation, waxing and laser application are suspended for one month after the surgery.

Labiaplasty Doctor Turkey

Doctors who perform labiaplasty surgery have received special training in this field. It is an issue that should be paid attention to the fact that they are doctors who have experience in the field of genital area aesthetics, aesthetic special area aesthetics, specially working on sexual area aesthetics and almost only performing these operations. Because the genital area has its own unique, special, anatomical, functional and functional structures.

It is extremely special and different from other regions in terms of both neural stimulation and blood supply of tissues. In other words, the genital area, vulva, vagina, urinary bladder and the last parts of the intestine must be anatomically extremely dominant. In addition, he/she should have a good command of other surgeries on these areas and should be competent in terms of managing complications.

In order for genital aesthetics, sexual aesthetics, private area aesthetics to be successful and optimal in terms of achieving perfect results, it would be right for you for a doctor to perform only genital aesthetic surgery, not every surgery.

The specific work of the doctor performing labiaplasty in this field will also help him/her understand what his/her patient wants and will make it easier to grasp their expectations.

When this is the case with my patients, their faith and trust in me is therefore higher as they realize that I easily understand them. You, dear reader reading these lines, one of the biggest features of the doctor you will choose to have this surgery is that you should make sure that he only works in this special area aesthetics.

Labioplast surgery, genital area inner lip reduction surgery, is an operation that provides an aesthetic appearance of the labium minus, that is, the inner lips, which a young girl feels bad, which causes her to feel embarrassed and embarrassed towards her partner during sexuality, which greatly reduces her self-confidence, which she has been obsessed with for years, starting with puberty. It causes satisfaction in many women because it provides an ideal and aesthetic appearance.

All my patients say, "If I knew it was so easy, I would have had this surgery much earlier". We have not heard a few of those who say that they did not even know that there was an operation for this problem. "I am now confident in myself and I have decided to have a relationship and get married". We also hear women who say, "Now my endless itching and discharge are over," I am extremely relieved in terms of hygiene and I can wear my bikini and swimsuit comfortably in the summer.

When I go to the gym, I can wear the tights I want and do sports freely. Most importantly, I am now comfortable during sexual intercourse with my husband, I do not even think of my labia, I just leave myself to pleasure, I feel liberated. I receive positive feedback from so many women like this and so many women like this that "I am grateful to my doctor who adds beauty to my life". There are so many people who say that I am glad I had this surgery...

Here you, dear reader reading these lines, got the message. If you have a problem with your labia, if you have similar problems such as inner lip sagging, size, inequality, you can have surgery and do not postpone this decision! Because when you are liberated from your excess, very good things will be waiting for you in every aspect, especially in your social and sexual life...

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Op. Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ
Op. Dr. Azer Aras Uluğ
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