Op. Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ
Op. Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ

Orgasm Vaccine (O Shot)

Orgasm Vaccine (O Shot)

What is an orgasm vaccine?

Have you ever heard of an orgasm vaccine? This vaccine is different from other microbial vaccines you know. For a pleasant, happy sexual life, maybe you need to go through this door, what do you say?

If you have never experienced orgasm before, you can experience orgasm with this vaccine. It is a new treatment method that we have received very successful results in women with inability to orgasm, wanting to have multiple orgasms, low sexual desire, sexual arousal problems, pain in sexual intercourse.

In this article, I will try to give detailed information about orgasm vaccine, which is a kind of genital P*RP application. You can find answers to many questions such as what is orgasm vaccine? how is it done?

The term orgasm vaccine was first used by Dr. Charles Runels, an American physician, in a pilot study involving 11 patients, genital P*RP application in women; It was used to treat painful sexual intercourse, sexual reluctance and inability to orgasm. And at the end of the study, it was stated that it was successful and useful in the treatment of sexual health problems. Dr. Runels later registered the name of this application under the trade name Orgasm Vaccine.

What is Orgasm?

It is a mental, physical, spiritual and sensory motor reflex involving involuntary and clonic contractions of the orgasmic platform, pelvic and genital muscle groups. It is the reflex clonic contractions that women feel clearly in their vagina and men feel clearly in their penis.

The explosive release of neuro-muscular tension is the peak of the sexual response. Chronic contractions of the love muscles and pelvic floor muscles initiated by a spinal reflex. The peak of sexual arousal. It is the main motivation for women to want to have sex and it is every woman's right. (Cem Keçe)

Orgasm in Women

It is a well-known fact that women have more difficulty in achieving orgasm than men. In recent publications, it is known that women today have some problems with vaginal orgasm.

With the effect of social pressures and taboos, the majority of women experience sexuality after marriage with a lack of sexual knowledge. At this point, the sexual experience and knowledge of the partner plays a fundamental role in informing them. However, in the absence of open communication between spouses, women are deprived of their rights in this regard.

What Does Orgasm Vaccine Do?

Orgasm vaccine is among the most preferred applications in the treatment of female orgasm disorder today by increasing the rejuvenation of the blood supply of the clitoris and clitoris circumference and the anterior wall of the vagina in order for women to achieve a high level of sexual satisfaction.

Is There a Point Called G Spot?

The G-spot, formerly known as the G-spot, whose location on the anterior vaginal wall cannot be precisely determined, has now been determined that it is not a single point as a result of the current studies of modern medicine and anatomy.

On the anterior wall of the vagina, in an area where the posterior arms of the clitoris pass, there is an area called the vulvar erogenous network, now called the orgasmic platform. This area may become dysfunctional over time, after childbirth and pregnancy, sometimes due to psychological, emotional reasons, sometimes due to organic diseases, sometimes after traumatic prolonged births. As the vagina enlarges and the sensation of contact decreases over time, it is not always possible for the penis to stimulate this area.

Normally during vaginal penetration, the penis head stimulates the orgasmic platform through friction. It causes the woman's orgasm, which occurs through penetration (vaginal orgasm). However, the penis has difficulty stimulating this area due to the problems I mentioned above that cause vaginal enlargement and reduce sensation.

For this purpose, it is aimed to enlarge the orgasmic platform by using fillers with G-spot augmentation applications. At the same time, orgasm vaccine can also be combined with G-spot augmentation and applied together.

What is O Shot?

The medical name O Shot, i.e. Orgasm vaccine, is the application of P*RP (p*latelet-ri*ch p*lasma) by centrifuging the person's own blood in specially prepared kits and taking the remaining pla-te-let-ri*ch liquid at the top.

It is useful to explain to the patient at the beginning that this is an extremely simple procedure. Since P*RP fluid is obtained from your own blood, it is completely organic and has absolutely no negative impact on human health. With a special method, P*RP fluid is applied to the clitoris head, the arms of the clitoris, and the orgasmic platform (formerly known as the G-spot) on the anterior wall of the vagina.

You can return to your daily life on the same day after the O Shot procedure and you do not need to make any restrictions in your lifestyle.

Who Can Receive O Shot Vaccine?

O Shot increases blood supply and sensitivity in the tissue with the growth factors it contains, facilitating sexual stimulation and orgasm of the woman. O shot vaccine is given to people who cannot orgasm during sexual intercourse, who have sexual reluctance problems, who experience painful sexual intercourse (dyspareunia).

Genital P*RP and O Shot

The growth factors contained in P*rp enable new blood vessels to form where it is applied, allowing blood flow to start again in this area. In this case, it prepares the ground for the application areas to be more sensitive, thus facilitating sexual arousal. As a result, sexual stimulation and then orgasm of the woman becomes easier.

The woman's sexual pleasure, sexual satisfaction and sexual desire increase after the application. It is applied in the form of tiny injections to the erogenous zones, i.e. the orgasmic platform, also known as the vulvar erogenous network area, located on the anterior wall of the vagina and estimated to be approximately three centimeters inside the vaginal entrance, as well as the head of the clitoris, the arms of the clitoris and the vestibulum area.

Genital P*RP is called O-Shot or G-Shot Orgasm vaccine. It is applied by very fine-tipped injectors during injection. Since local anesthesia is applied to the area before the procedure, pain and pain are not felt during the application. The increase in sexual desire, more satisfying sexual satisfaction, and ease of orgasm usually begin 20 days after the first injection.

Women who receive the correct diagnosis, kits that provide high pla-te-let production, orgasm vaccine prepared with the appropriate preparation technique and applied to the appropriate areas in competent hands, and the satisfaction level of women is quite high, they express us as high satisfaction in the feedback of our patients. Since it is a liquid prepared from your own blood, there is no harm to the body.

How is Orgasm Vaccine O-Shot Prepared?

Before the procedure, our clinical nurse takes approximately 15 cc of blood from the patient. This blood is placed in a special tube (sodium citrate, anti-coagulant) and is spun in a centrifuge device at 3000 rpm for 9-10 minutes. (The red section at the bottom of the tube after centrifugation is an area ri*ch in erythrocytes.

Above that is the 20% P*RP (p*latelet-ri*ch p*lasma) and at the top is the 80% P*PP (pla-te-let-poor plas-ma). The most valuable part is the P*RP part, which is ri*ch in growth factors. This part is drawn into the syringe. On average, 1.5 cc of P*RP is obtained from 15 cc of blood.

The most valuable part of the P*RP is the area close to the red area at the bottom, called the Buffy Coat due to its cloud-like appearance. There are also white blood cells in the Buffy Coat, which we call the white cells of the blood. It gains such a cloud-like appearance thanks to white blood cells. This area also shows activity in the body like an antibiotic.

Why is it important for P*RP to be effective?

The selected kits gain importance when preparing P*RP. For P*RP to be successful, 1 million pla-te-lets must be present in 1 cc of blood and the higher the pla-te-let count, the higher the effectiveness of P*RP. In recent studies, we see that it is very successful in tissue healing, regeneration, blood supply and rejuvenation and according to the area of use.

If pla-te-let counts are not sufficient, unfortunately, results are encountered not in a good way, but in a bad way, in a negative way. In our clinic, state-of-the-art centrifuge devices, P*RP blood collection kits, tubes and P*RP preparation kits are used. Thus, the satisfaction level of women who apply to our clinic for treatment is quite high. The effectiveness of the P*RP we prepare and use is extremely high.

How is Orgasm Vaccine Performed?

After the blood collection process, the patient is prepared on the gynecological examination table while our clinic nurse prepares the P*RP. Local anesthetic cream is applied into the vagina and around the clitoris. After sterilization of this area, the patient's P*rp p*lasma prepared at that time is applied to the head of the clitoris, the arms of the clitoris, the vulvar erogenous network and the vestibulum, the inner lips and the anterior wall of the vagina by means of tiny-tipped needles in the form of multiple injections of 0.1-0.3 cc just below the mucosa tissue.

The preparation of P*rp blood takes about 10-15 minutes. The application of the orgasm vaccine takes between 5-10 minutes. Women who underwent P*rp applied to such a large area expressed to us with their spouses in satisfaction after the procedure that they experienced multiple orgasms, which they had not experienced before, that vaginal stimulation became easier during sexual intercourse, increased their sexual desire, reached orgasm easier and faster, and experienced orgasm more intensely.

What awaits me after the O Shot Orgasm Vaccine?

Immediately after the O Shot procedure, you can walk out of the clinic, return to your social life, meet your friends, return to your workplace and we do not have any restrictions. Only a ban on sexual activity on the day of the procedure and for two days after the procedure is appropriate.

There may be bleeding in the form of pink colored spotting and leakage for a few days after the procedure. Very rarely, some women may also experience mild pain. In this case, a painkiller such as Parol can be used. Most of the time even this is not needed.

After 15-20 days after administration, beneficial effects such as increased sexual satisfaction, easier orgasm, faster orgasm and multiple orgasms are usually observed. It is very likely that the effect of the orgasm vaccine can be observed differently in each woman, while some experience very intense orgasms, while others observe an increase in sexual desire.

Are there any risks associated with the O Shot procedure?

Since this vaccine is prepared from the person's own blood in a sterile way, it does not have any allergic side effects or any other side effects. The 15 cc of blood taken from the person does not leave him anemic, on the contrary, it has a positive effect on the bone marrow to produce blood cells again.

Better Sexuality with Orgasm Vaccine!

A regular and enjoyable sexual life is necessary for a happier couple relationship. In order to maintain this regular sexual life, the orgasm vaccine acts on focusing problems caused by emotions such as sexual reluctance in women, anxiety and anxiety during sexuality, positive effect on orgasm and increase in sexual satisfaction.

In the area where the orgasm vaccine is applied, it contributes to the regeneration of the tissue and contributes to the woman to feel an intense desire for the next sexual desire. It also contributes directly to the increase in the pleasure received during sexual intercourse.

After simultaneous G-spot filling or vaginal tightening surgeries; This vaccine, which directly contributes to the contact of the penis to the posterior arms of the clitoris, has an important effect on the sexual life of women.

Is There a Treatment for Inability to Orgasm (Anorgasmia)?

Orgasm is the peak pleasure point reached as a result of intense sexual pleasure and arousal in sexual intercourse. At the same time, the uterus and vagina are accompanied by second-by-second rhythmic contractions. These rhythmic contractions are followed by sexual pleasure and relaxation.

It is much easier for men to orgasm than for women. During sexual intercourse, men often orgasm earlier than women and end the relationship because their penis softens after orgasm and the woman cannot orgasm and remains incomplete. One of the most common reasons for this situation in our country is the problem of premature ejaculation in men.

In underdeveloped societies, unfortunately, the woman's orgasm is not given importance and the man focuses on his own orgasm. Because of this and many other reasons, the number of women who have never had an orgasm during sexual intercourse is high. Did you know that the percentage of women who have orgasms in our country is only 20%?

A high percentage of orgasm disorders are psychological and are treated with sexual therapies. However, in some cases, there is a problem in the stimulation system of the clitoral complex, vulvar erogenous network. The higher the threshold of arousal, the more difficult it is to achieve orgasmic function.

To stimulate the clitoral complex and enhance orgasm, energy-based treatments such as regenerative and laser vaginal rejuvenation are used. O Shot, also known as 'orgasm vaccine', which is a kind of genital P*rp procedure, is another one of these methods.

Can Everyone Get the Orgasm Vaccine?

Every woman who does not have any health problems, even if she does not have sexual problems, can have this vaccine at any time.

Any woman who has problems with orgasm, who cannot orgasm when she wants or who has a late orgasm, who has problems with sexual satisfaction or who reaches sexual satisfaction but wants more, who ultimately wants the vaginal tissues to be rejuvenated and renewed, can have an orgasm vaccine.

We do not recommend it for women during menstruation. During pregnancy, we do not apply during this period, as the blood supply in the vaginal area has already increased and pregnancy itself provides benefits in terms of orgasm and arousal.

We also apply genital P*rp treatment very often in the treatment of genito-urinary symptoms, vaginal dryness and vaginal burning during menopause. Recently, P*rp treatment applied to the bladder base and urinary canal (urethra) has also been found to be effective in the treatment of urinary incontinence. In this field, we are able to help our patients at the point of solving the problem of urinary incontinence with high success rates of 80-90% with P*rp treatments that we apply in combination with vaginal laser in our clinic.

How long can O Shot be repeated after the first application?

Generally, women apply to us after six months to one year for a repeat application of the orgasm vaccine. My clinical observation has generally been in this direction. Can it be applied earlier? Orgasm vaccine can be administered every two months, especially to women with sexual interest and arousal disorders and women who experience intense sexual desire problems.

What are the Side Effects of Orgasm Vaccine?

The entire content of the orgasm vaccine is completely organic as it is prepared from the patient's own blood. It does not contain any allergenic substance. It does not have any vaccine side effects like other vaccines. The patient can return to his/her daily life immediately. There is no need for any special care or medication afterwards.

Who is the Orgasm Vaccine Most Suitable for?

During sexual intercourse, it is used for the treatment of women who cannot feel the movements of the penis penetrating into the vagina, who cannot feel the movements of the penis, who experience orgasm problems due to this, who have difficulty in orgasm or who cannot orgasm at all, and who develop sexual reluctance. Apart from this, we have been using it frequently in recent years for the treatment of vaginal dryness due to menopause, in the treatment of vaginal atrophy, in the treatment of a skin disease called lichen sclerosis and in the elimination of urinary incontinence problems.

What is the Success of Orgasm Vaccine (O Shot)?

Orgasm vaccine, which is prepared using quality tube-kit and appropriate preparation technique, has a very high level of patient satisfaction in the right patient, appropriate indication preferences. Here, in experienced competent hands, the fact that the practitioner physician is also a sexual therapist and works in this field further increases the level of patient satisfaction.

What are the other procedures that can be performed with orgasm vaccine?

Orgasm vaccine (O-SHOT) can be combined with vaginal carbon dioxide laser vaginal rejuvenation, vaginal tightening, vaginal rejuvenation and urinary incontinence treatments at the same time. In fact, I can often see with our clinical experience that the therapeutic effect of orgasm vaccine increases and patient satisfaction is more positive in this direction in patients who undergo laser vaginal rejuvenation.

Orgasm Vaccine O SHOT Prices Turkey

Orgasm vaccine prices vary depending on the center, clinic and the practitioner. While some centers use less costly, inexpensive P*RP kits, some centers use high-cost kits that allow to obtain more pla-te-lets. The tube and kit used for P*RP should be specially produced. You can contact us at our clinic phone number to find out the price of orgasm vaccine.

What is G SHOT?

It is the process of applying 1-3 cc filler (hyalorinic acid) to the area thought to be the orgasmic platform on the anterior wall of the vagina. It is applied for treatment purposes to increase sexual arousal, sexual reluctance, inability to orgasm, and increase in orgasm quality. During sexual intercourse, it is aimed to stimulate this area through friction by creating more surface contact area with penile penetration.

What are the Effects of Growth Factors in P*RP - P*latelet Ri*ch P*lasma?

The growth factors in the p*latelet-ri*ch part of the p*lasma in the blood and in the pla-te-lets play a very effective role in wound healing, stopping bleeding, tissue regeneration and hair regrowth. Therefore, it has been used in many branches of medicine in recent years.

First in orthopedics, dentistry, sports medicine, then in dermatology, ophthalmology, plastic surgery, anesthesia, cosmetic medicine, gynecology and urology. In the field of cosmetic medicine, it is frequently used quite successfully, especially in facial rejuvenation and hair transplantation.

What are the Growth Factors Found in P*latelets?

  • FGF: This growth factor is necessary for cell growth, collagen production and repair of tissue injury.
  • PDGF: This growth factor is active in cell repair, new vessel formation and collagen production.
  • VEGF: This growth factor is involved in the production of the inner cells of the vessel wall.
  • TGF-B: Accelerates wound healing by growing epithelial and endothelial cells.
  • KGF: Produces the thick outer cells of the skin called keratinocytes.
  • EGF: It is very effective on the growth and development of epithelial cells, the formation of new vessels and wound healing.
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Op. Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ
Op. Dr. Azer Aras Uluğ
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