Op. Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ

Op. Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ

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Born in Iğdır, Op. Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ completed his primary and secondary school education in various provinces and districts of Turkey due to his father's civil service. He graduated from Elazığ Balakgazi High School in 1995 with honors. In the same year, he succeeded in the Higher Education Institutions Examination and was placed in Fırat University Faculty of Medicine, where he studied for 6 years and graduated in 2001 with high honor and degree.

Dr. Azer Aras Ulug

Op. Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ won the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Fırat University Faculty of Medicine in 2001 by getting a high score in the first entrance of the Medical Specialization Examination. After completing his specialization in February 2006, he fulfilled his compulsory service as a specialist doctor in Karakoçan district of Elazığ.

After completing his compulsory service, he resigned from his post and started working at Elazığ Medical Park Hospital. After working here for 2 years, he applied to the Ministry of Health for urogynecology training. He was assigned by the Ministry of Health to do sub-specialty training in the field of urogynecology at Ankara Atatürk Training and Research Hospital. He received sub-specialty training from valuable professors for a while. After receiving this training, he worked in Konya Turkish Red Crescent Hospital for 9 years and Konya Medova Hospital for 3 years.

Op. Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ opened a private practice in 2022 and still continues to serve the public in his private practice. In the last 13 years of his profession, he has been instrumental in healing many patients by performing numerous Urogynecological surgeries (especially urinary incontinence, uterine prolapse, intestinal hernia).

Since the last 5 years, he has started to make a name for himself with his Genital Aesthetic and Cosmetic Gynecological applications and surgeries in this field. In this field, he performs combined surgeries that include women's anatomical and functional problems as well as aesthetic problems.

Op. Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ, who has a voice in the aforementioned fields especially in his region, has started to be recognized abroad and accepts patients from abroad. Some of his patients who applied both in Turkey and abroad are still being treated.

Op. Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ, who participated in CİSED's (Sexual Health Institute Association) training programs in 2017-2018, takes the title of Sexual Therapist and treats couples with vaginismus from all over Turkey.

Since 2021, he has been the President of Konya CISED (Sexual Health Institute Association). In addition to all these, he has been providing services related to Women's Sexual Health Problems with numerous and various psychological-based trainings he has received for 5 years. For Op. Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ, the profession of medicine was his childhood dream. Op. Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ, who does his profession with great love and enthusiasm, has attached great importance to working, producing, receiving education and training in order to serve and be useful in areas where women have difficulty and difficulty in receiving treatment, and has helped many vaginismus couples and helped them have babies.

In his professional life as an Obstetrics and Gynecology Specialist, he has been instrumental in reuniting countless babies with their mothers, has given hope to countless couples who long for a baby, and has operated on countless patients and helped them find healing.

Op. Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ opened his private clinic Dr. Â Clinic in 2022 and continues his professional work in his own practice. Op. Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ is married and has two children, Elif Birce and Oğuzata.

  • Usd Iban: TR320004600244001000141585
  • Euro Iban: TR790004600244036000141586

Trainings and Certificates

  • Laparoscopy Certificate,
  • Hysteroscopy Certificate,
  • Certificate in Ultrasonography,
  • Neonatal Resuscitation Certificate,
  • Certificate of Practice in Sexual Therapy,
  • Certificate in Psychotherapy,
  • Certificate in Marriage Therapy,
  • Certificate in Brief Solution Focused Therapy,
  • Hypnosis Certificate,
  • Certificate in Dynamic Psychotherapy,
  • Eft Training Certificate,
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Training Certificate,
  • Genital Aesthetics and Cosmetic Gynecology Training Certificate.

Studies, Publications and Awards

  • Investigation of the effects of aromatase inhibitors letrazole and anastarazole on bone mineral density and bone resorption and formation markers in intact rats (specialty thesis),
  • Short-term effects of transdermal estradiol on serum paraoxonase activity. Awarded at the 5th National Menopause and Osteoporosis Congress,
  • The effect of surgical menopause on immunity profile Award at Turkish Menopause and Osteoporosis Congress,
  • Effects of surgical menopause and estrogen replacement therapy on serum praoxonase activity and plasma malondialdehyde concentration. Gynecol Obstet Invest 2005;59(2):108-12.

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