Op. Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ
Op. Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ

Vagina Aesthetics

Vagina Aesthetics

What is Vagina Aesthetics?

Vaginal aesthetics is among the most demanded aesthetic operations in the world and in our country, which I have been doing the most in recent years. Vaginal aesthetics may include a series of combined surgeries and cosmetic applications according to the needs and wishes of the person.

It may include a series of surgical corrections such as vaginal tightening, labiaplasty surgery, clitoris aesthetics, labia majora augmentation or reduction (labia majora augmentation),perineoplasty, i.e. perineal repair, venus crest aesthetics. In addition, non-surgical methods known as radiofrequency, genital carbon dioxide laser O shot, G shot, i.e. 'orgasm vaccine' are included in vaginal aesthetics.

Although vaginal aesthetic surgeries are especially widespread in metropolitan cities, they are among the demanding operations in Konya.

"Where is vaginal aesthetics performed in Konya? Which doctors do vaginal aesthetics? Who is the best physician? Who is the most practicing physician?" are questions that many women, especially many women who are in trouble and looking for a remedy, are curious about.

What is Genital Aesthetics?

Many of our patients apply to Konya from the big cities of our country for genital aesthetic operations.

Many women who are considering genital aesthetic surgery in Konya, one of the big cities of our country, are among the first choices of labiaplasty, inner lip aesthetics and vaginal tightening operations. Then, orgasm vaccine, genital discoloration, pregnancy stretch marks treatment, external lip filling come in order of applications.

Vagina Aesthetics, Vagina Tightening in Turkey

Vagina aesthetic surgery in Konya is one of the most common reasons for application to us as in all of Turkey. The biggest question mark in the minds of many women considering aesthetic surgery is the choice of physician.

Genital aesthetic operations are very specific operations. It is very important that a physician who has experience in this field only works in this field. The results of surgery can bring unhappiness in incompetent hands. If the result is not satisfied, a repeat operation may be needed. These operations are called revision or correction operations. These operations will be much more difficult than the first operation.

The results obtained with the first operation are the most successful results. These results cannot be achieved in revision.

Best Vagina Plastic Surgery

For the most satisfactory and successful results in vaginal aesthetics, the knowledge and experience of the physician performing the operation in aesthetic surgeries, performing many surgeries, detailed information and care support on postoperative care, complication management, operating room hygiene, etc. are determined in line with. Combined surgeries should be performed if necessary and should be left incomplete. In this way, happier results are obtained.

Clinics Performing Vagina Aesthetics in Konya

"Can vaginal aesthetics be performed in a city hospital, state hospital or university hospital in Konya?" Even if it is being done in Turkey and in Konya, should I prefer a private clinic and physician for genital aesthetics?" The question is one of the most curious questions by many women who do research on this subject.

Cosmetic applications and operations related to vaginal aesthetics are operations that are decided together with the patient according to the patient's needs after the examination in private clinics opened by physicians like me who have experience in this field. As a result of the examination, the operations are performed one-to-one by the same physician in private hospitals contracted by these physicians. It will be in your best interest to do a very detailed research on this subject.

In his 21 years of professional life, Op. Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ has been working in the field of pelvic floor and urogynecology for the last thirteen years and has been working specifically in the field of genital aesthetics, vaginal aesthetics and sexual health for the last five years.

What Should Be Considered After Vaginal Aesthetic Surgery?

What should you pay attention to after vaginal aesthetic surgery?

  • You can walk home after an overnight hospitalization after day hospitalization or some combined operations. It will be appropriate for you to rest at home for 3 days after discharge, do not lift heavy, do not do sports and do not stand for long periods of time.
  • After discharge, using the medicines we prescribe regularly as prescribed by your pharmacist and not neglecting your dressings will help you to spend the recovery period comfortably.
  • You should pay special attention to your genital area hygiene after surgery. During the wound healing period, paying attention to healthy nutrition such as fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C and vitamin E, oil seeds, bone broth and chicken broth soups in your diet will contribute positively to the healing period.
  • It is essential for the success of the surgery that you do not smoke before and after the surgery and avoid heavy sports for a month.
  • After vaginal aesthetics, we operate on our patients in the morning and discharge them in the evening. However, if combined surgeries including anatomical and functional problems (bladder prolapse, intestinal herniation, uterine prolapse, etc.) are performed, we discharge the next day after a one-day hospitalization. The week after discharge, our patients return to their daily lives. Three to four days of home rest is usually sufficient.

Increased Self-Confidence After Vagina Aesthetic Surgery

When vaginal aesthetics are performed in expert and competent hands, satisfactory results are obtained for patients. It increases women's self-confidence. In parallel with this increase, more satisfying pleasure is also obtained in sexual intercourse. Sometimes, after vaginal aesthetics performed for functional correction due to anatomical problems, there is a sudden decrease in the rate of vaginal infections. Painful sexual intercourse related to this improves.

Vagina Aesthetics Turkey

Women who are thinking of having vaginal aesthetics in Turkey and outside the country living in Europe can contact us and get answers to the questions they are curious about from us before the surgery decision. They should never forget that the most important factor determining the success of genital aesthetics and vaginal aesthetics is the competent, experienced and specific physician who will perform the operation.

Vagina Aesthetics Prices Turkey

What are the prices of vaginal aesthetics in Turkey? The prices vary depending on the width of the operation, additional surgeries to be combined, the anesthesia method chosen in the surgery, whether it is performed in the clinic, in the operating room, the duration of the surgery and whether you stay in the hospital overnight.

As a clinic, we share the prices with our patients after face-to-face interviews after the examination. It will be useful to contact the clinic where you plan to have surgery.

Vagina Aesthetics Konya

Vaginal aesthetics are operations and cosmetic applications performed to correct the deformed parts of the vagina that are not as before in anatomical and functional plan. Patient demands for vaginal aesthetics in Konya Ankara, Central Anatolia and even all over Turkey are quite high. In this regard, there has been an increasing application to our clinic in recent years.

What is Barbie Vagina Aesthetics?

Barbie vagina aesthetics covers a series of combined surgeries that will make the external genital system look like a Barbie doll, along with the correction of the anatomical and functional deterioration of the vagina and the enlarged plans that are destroyed over time.

Barbie vagina aesthetic operations have been among the most frequently requested surgeries in America and European countries in recent years, primarily by celebrities and then by the society. Although the Barbie doll does not have a vagina, women have loved this tricky name and demand these operations very much. With each passing year, the application for Barbie vagina aesthetics is increasing at an increasing rate. This situation is also valid for our country and region.

We accept many applications from Konya, Ankara, Central Anatolia Mediterranean Region and Eastern Anatolia region about vagina aesthetics. Many women come to us with question marks that they cannot clarify in their minds. "Where is vaginal aesthetics best done in Konya? Who is the best doctor working in the field of genital aesthetics in Konya? Who is the best physician in vaginal aesthetics? Which doctor should I choose? How should I make my choice?"

Vagina Aesthetics Ankara

Our patients who apply for vaginal aesthetics from Ankara also demand non-surgical methods. Non-surgical methods include; orgasm-enhancing applications such as vaginal vulvar erogenous network filling, formerly known as G-spot filling (G-Shot and O-Shot),outer lip filling, outer lip reduction, venus hill aesthetics, laser vaginal rejuvenation, laser vaginal tightening, laser vaginal tightening, laser vaginal tightening, laser genital decolorization, and applications that allow the vagina to be renewed.

All these applications are available in our clinic and are the most common applications I do in my daily practice to my patients in Konya. All of them can be applied by me in Konya without the need to go far away.

Choosing a Doctor for Vagina Aesthetics

One of the first questions that comes to mind when it comes to vaginal aesthetics is is this a surgery? While some of the procedures we perform for vaginal aesthetics are surgical methods, some of them are non-surgical methods. The most important issue that you women should pay attention to here is the choice of clinic and doctor you choose for vaginal aesthetics.

Genital aesthetic operations are special operations that not every gynecologist and plastic surgeon can perform. Physicians work specifically in this sensitive surgery with the special training they receive. For this reason, the experience, labor and specific work of the physician you apply for surgery in this field are of great importance.

Vagina aesthetics is in demand by many women in Konya and Central Anatolia Region. The lives of women with vaginal aesthetics change positively.

Why is vaginal aesthetics performed?

  • Benefits of Vagina Aesthetics
  • Reduced aesthetic and visual concerns,
  • Increased self-confidence,
  • Reduction of recurrent vaginal infections,
  • Reduction of pain during sexual intercourse,
  • Elimination of discomfort during wearing underwear, tights, tight pants, etc,
  • Comfortable sports such as cycling, motorcycling, horseback riding, swimming, yoga and pilates,
  • Increased satisfaction in sexual intercourse,
  • Elimination of problems related to the strange sounds emanating from the vagina during sexual intercourse.

Vaginal Aesthetic Surgeries in Turkiye

"Where can vaginal aesthetics be performed in Konya?" The question is frequently asked. ''Vagina aesthetics in Konya is performed in our clinic. There is no clinic other than ours that works in this field and has trained itself in genital aesthetics and pelvic floor.

Our clinic physician Op. Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ, who has been working on vaginal aesthetics for many years and has become specialized in this field, receives patient acceptance from many local and foreign countries. In addition, he performs many vaginal aesthetic operations for women who apply from three big cities such as Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir outside Konya.

What is the most common vaginal aesthetic surgery Labioplasty?

Labiaplasty, which is an inner lip reduction surgery, is an operation requested together with vaginal tightening, clitoris aesthetics, outer lip filling and perineal correction surgeries. Labiaplasty is one of the most frequently requested genital aesthetic operations along with vaginoplasty by many women. Generally, the first reason for application is 'labiaplasty' surgeries. This is followed by vaginal tightening surgeries, which are demanded second most frequently.

Genital Aesthetics Konya

Genital aesthetics has been demanded with increasing momentum in recent years. Nowadays, women are reading more, researching and seeking solutions. Genital aesthetic application methods consist of a series of both surgical and non-surgical methods.

What do women who have Vagina Aesthetics say after the operation?

I could not wear tight clothes for years. When I did, I had to hide my genital area.

During puberty, it suddenly grew, sagged, lengthened and this condition of my inner lips caused me to stay away from some sports. Because I could not wear tights or swimsuits, I had to live my life in a restricted way. Both the inner lips bothered me during daily activities, and after marriage, I did not like myself and lost self-confidence. This situation caused discomfort in my sexual life. It also caused me to feel pain during sexual intercourse. It is all over after the surgery. I am more comfortable now and I am free because I got rid of my excess.

I had a normal delivery only once and after that my vagina became loose. And my sex life has never been the same as before. There is a flush sound coming from my vagina during intercourse. Even in normal times, these sounds could come out. If I was in public, I was embarrassed by this sound. This situation was a source of shame for me. After the surgery, all these sounds stopped. Oh I am saved, everything is even better than before.

I am a newlywed, I have never given birth or even been pregnant. Despite this, I cannot feel my wife during sexual intercourse. My wife was saying that her penis disappeared and fell into a void. You ask me if I had an orgasm when the penis was in the vagina, is that real? For me it is just a "Hollywood movie scene". Then suddenly these dreams came true after the surgery, so it was necessary not to despair. We are not helpless, thank you very much.

I had excessive weight gain and loss during my pregnancy and as a young girl. After this situation, my outer lips lengthened, sagged and hollowed out like a balloon. It lost its swollen state and collapsed inside. With Barbie vulva aesthetics, it regained its appearance in adolescence as it used to be.

The top of my genital area, that is, the pubis hill, the Venus hill, located at the top of the outer lips, had a large saggy and oily appearance. When I wore pants, it was huge. This situation made me insecure. For this reason, I cannot wear tight clothes. With the Venus hill aesthetics, it got the appearance I wanted.

I often had vaginal and urinary tract infections. I was tired of using antibiotics all the time. I had cystitis attacks after every sexual intercourse. I got rid of this nightmare with clitoris aesthetics and labiaplasty operation.

With the menopause period, vaginal burning started during sexual intercourse. The vaginal dryness that occurred made our sexual life unpleasant and reluctant. This situation distanced me from sexuality. It caused problems between me and my husband. With genital aesthetic and cosmetic applications, vaginal laser and P*RP treatment for vaginal dryness, everything is now fine, all my problems have been treated. Thank you.

Postpartum Vagina Aesthetics

Vaginal birth is, of course, the birth that we obstetricians consider to be the healthiest. The most natural and healthy birth for mother and baby is a normal vaginal birth. Many women, who are eager to live a lifetime of happiness with their newly married spouse, dream of holding their child, the fruit of their marriage, in their arms and witnessing the moment of his birth. On the other hand, they carry the concerns of the postpartum period, wondering if my vagina will deteriorate.

Vagina Aesthetics After Normal Birth

In what we call normal childbirth, the baby is born vaginally. Undoubtedly, this is the most natural and healthy way of birth for both mother and baby. Many women are also worried about whether my vagina aesthetics will deteriorate after birth. Can the vagina, which has expanded enough for a huge baby to come out, really return to its former state?

Does it return to its former state in the stretching vagina that expands during normal birth? Can the enlargement of the vagina become permanent? How is sexual life affected after childbirth? Pleasure in sexuality; Can you get as satisfied pleasure as before after childbirth from both the female and male perspective? Is it possible to return the vagina, which is enlarged with vaginal aesthetics, to the state it was before giving birth? Let's answer all these questions I wrote above one by one. First of all, I would like to talk about 'mommy makeover' surgeries, which we also call maternity aesthetics. These surgeries include 'postpartum vagina aesthetics'

Postpartum Vagina Aesthetics

There are very few things in a woman's life as miraculous as giving birth to her child, a piece of her life. A 9-month gestation period, your belly growing day by day, month by month, meeting your baby on ultrasounds under the supervision of a doctor, the first movements of your baby and then the last month comes.

Birth contractions knock on your door. It is the end of a long journey, that egg is knocking on the door, I am coming the long way. What a miraculous moment birth is. After the birth, our physician shows your baby to you wet wet without wiping him/her, to meet him/her, to look at him/her eye to eye for the first time, then your physician puts your baby on your chest without cutting the cord. What a wonderful feeling to feel your baby's skin on your skin. You are now attached to your baby and welcome to motherhood.

The fascinating feelings of being a parent, the increasing responsibilities, the puerperium, breastfeeding, breastfeeding, the hormones that change the balance in your body and sleepless nights begin. For some, this period is very difficult, even like a nightmare, for some women it is just a period of adjustment. In some families, the male and female identities are forgotten and only the parental identity, i.e. being a parent, is focused on so much that they are trapped in this identity over time.

Aside from all this, some couples begin to feel that their sex life is not the same after normal childbirth.

The vagina anatomically consists of tissues called muscle fascia and connective tissue. Thanks to these tissues, it is an organ capable of stretching and expanding enough for a baby to come out. Some women who become pregnant wonder how the vagina, which is tight enough to hold the penis, could return to its previous state after the baby comes out of it. In fact, there are some points where women are right in this concern.

Sometimes a permanent enlargement of the vagina can occur even after a single normal delivery. Especially in women who have more than 1 vaginal birth or in women who give birth to large babies, who give birth with interventions such as forceps vacuum, this enlargement can be so much that it can affect sexual intercourse.

Dear reader reading these lines, you should not draw a conclusion that every woman who gives birth normally has an enlarged vagina, her sexual life is badly affected by this or she has to have vaginal aesthetics. Many factors such as the woman's genetic structure, nutrition, exercise and skin structure play a role in this event. Some women have four births but the vagina is in good condition (this is usually rare).

There are some women who have not even given birth and the vagina has expanded, stretched and become like a tent. In addition, sexuality is a situation between two people, and factors belonging not only to the woman but also to the man affect sexuality. If there are negative things in sexual intercourse, if there is a gas sound during intercourse, if there is a feeling of abundance in the vagina, if the penis feels like it has disappeared, if the woman cannot grasp the penis, in short, sexuality is not going well and if this situation does not improve over time, it is necessary to have operations in the right treatment in time. Before it is too late.

When does the vagina return to normal after a normal birth?

After childbirth, the uterus and other bodily changes begin to return to normal within 40 days. However, some women may take longer to recover. It can take up to 6-8 months for the body to completely return to the prenatal period. Because the vaginal wall is very well supplied with blood, it has the ability to heal very quickly and well. The birth stitches heal within 2 weeks after delivery. The vagina reaches its former structure quickly, this period is between 40 days and 6 months at the earliest.

We experts advise couples to have sexual intercourse after 6 weeks after the birth. We do not allow it before that because of the risk of infection. In the first sexual intercourse after birth, problems may occur due to both dryness and the vagina that has not yet fully recovered due to the effects of maternal and milk hormones. Problems such as pain in sexual intercourse and inability to orgasm are common in sexual life after normal childbirth.

Is it possible to tighten the vagina after birth with Kegel exercises?

Women who give birth vaginally should be advised to do Kegel and some pelvic floor muscle exercises frequently, especially in case of prolonged labor. In this way, the pelvic floor muscles that weakened during pregnancy and labor are strengthened and the vagina is supported to take the form it had before birth.

When Kegel exercises are performed correctly and regularly, the pleasure from sexual intercourse also increases. However, sometimes, although the woman has given birth 6 months after giving birth, the vagina may not completely return to its former form despite doing Kegel exercises regularly. This may cause problems in the sexual life of couples.

What is missing penis syndrome?

Vaginal enlargement after normal childbirth has recently come to be known by a special name. "vaginal relaxation syndrome" is called "lost penis syndrome" by the male partner. This condition is called as the stretching and expansion of the vagina, which cannot regain its former form after birth, and the inability to grasp the penis during sexual intercourse and the disappearance of the male partner in the vagina as if falling into a void.

Many women apply to our clinic for this reason. Women who have difficulty feeling their partner's penis during sexual intercourse and have problems with orgasm, these problems grow over time and eventually appear as sexual reluctance.

In the same way, sexual reluctance can occur in men who feel like their penis is in a vacuum during intercourse and cannot get pleasure and therefore have difficulty reaching the climax. This can often lead to serious relationship conflicts between couples. However, in fact, these couples are not unsolvable. There are different treatment options for this condition when they apply to competent specialists in the field.

I am so used to receiving flowers or chocolates from the spouses of my patients during the 3rd month controls of my postpartum vaginal aesthetics patients that the gentlemen usually say "actually, I did not want my wife to have surgery because of this problem", and they add. "At first, I didn't want my wife to have surgery. Fortunately, my wife didn't listen to me, she was aware of her problem. You have solved this problem radically. Our sexual life has returned to the days when we first got married. Before, it was once a month, once a year. Now we are eager and desirous for each other almost every day. The problem of reluctance has improved as the pleasure and enjoyment we both get has increased. Our happiness in our sexual life is reflected in our marriage. I am glad my wife came to you. Thank you very much for everything..."

Vagina Aesthetic Surgery Methods After Normal Birth

Many women who have a normal vaginal delivery consult their physicians with anxiety when their babies are 3 months old because their vagina does not return to its former state. I first ask these women, who are worried that their vagina is enlarged and come to me, how many months their babies are, and then whether they are breastfeeding. I wait 6-8 months after the birth before performing aesthetic surgery on the vagina. I also inquire whether she has received kegel exercises and pelvic floor physiotherapy.

I ask the age of my surgical patients and whether they have reached the ideal number of children. Because after vaginal tightening with vaginal aesthetics, the patient's normal vaginal delivery again may cause the vagina to expand again. For this reason, I recommend my patients who are planning another pregnancy to have vaginal aesthetics with methods such as laser vaginal tightening, g-spot filling, vaginal rope suspension instead of surgical tightening. However, for my patients who I think that these methods will not be sufficient, I recommend them to give birth by cesarean section in case of a recurrent pregnancy with a surgical vaginal tightening.

After performing a detailed gynecological examination and ultrasound to my patients who come with a request for vaginal aesthetics after normal delivery, I try to get answers to the following questions in addition to the questions above. What is the main complaint that brought you here? What are the things that you hope to change in your life after having vaginal aesthetics? After which childbirth did vaginal enlargement become particularly pronounced? Does it bother you to see the inside of the vagina when you look from the outside? Do you feel fullness or sagging when defecating? How has vaginal enlargement affected your sexual desire with your partner?

We attach great importance to knowing the main complaint of our patients and their expectations from the surgery. For our patients with mild vaginal enlargement, laser vaginal tightening and filling applications can be beneficial. However, in patients with moderate and severe vaginal enlargement, the solution is vaginal tightening surgeries.

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

Laser vaginal rejuvenation is an energy modality method. In addition to being an extremely safe and effective method, another advantage is that it does not require anesthesia. It can be safely preferred especially in patients where vaginal enlargement is not at an advanced level and the complaint of pleasure or dryness is at the forefront. It is a very ideal method in the postpartum period for women who do not want to be anesthetized and undergo an operation but want to do something for their sexual life.

Especially in breastfeeding women, these advantages come to the fore even more. However, the amount of narrowing in the vagina after the laser is up to 30% at most, it is very important to inform the patients about this from the beginning.

Laser Vaginal Tightening

It is known as non-surgical vaginal tightening. Laser vaginal tightening method is at least as effective as surgical vaginal tightening surgeries in appropriately selected patients. The only difference of laser vaginal tightening from surgery is that it requires several (2-3) sessions, not one at a time. It can be applied to sexually active women of all ages. Vaginal examination is performed before laser vaginal tightening and in the presence of any vaginal infection, infection treatment is planned first.

Local anesthesia is not required before laser vaginal tightening. After drying the wetness in the vagina, a rounded head (probe) is inserted into the vagina. With this head, which we call vaginal probe and is connected to the device, laser shots can be made in the vagina in a way to scan the entire vaginal wall 360 degrees. Depending on the patient's response to the treatment, 2 or 4 sessions can be applied at 4-6 week intervals.

Local or general anesthesia is not required during laser vaginal tightening. There is a fast recovery period after the procedure. There is no incision, bleeding and stitches. After the application, a regeneration process begins in the vaginal tissue. The vaginal wall mucosa is refreshed, there is an increase in elastin collagen fibers in the tissues under the mucosa and tightening in the vagina due to the increase.

Can the vagina rejuvenate for 30 years with laser vagina treatment?

Moisture increases in the vagina. Moisturization is seen just like in the first years of youth. For this reason, laser treatment is very effective and very useful in the treatment of dryness in menopause. After the application, the frequency of recurrence of vaginal infections also decreases.

If the patients we apply laser vaginal tightening also have urinary incontinence problems, these problems are also solved. The pain during sexual intercourse disappears and your sexual life is positively reflected in this situation. Laser vaginal tightening has become quite widespread in recent years all over the world and in our country. If the vaginal enlargement is not at an advanced level, especially in patients who do not consider postpartum operation, the laser gives very satisfactory results after birth.

In recent years, vaginal tightening, vaginal tightening and vaginal rejuvenation applications with laser technology are very popular. Women who do not consider surgery turn to such applications. Laser applications take an average of 20 minutes. After the application and on the same day, they can return to work and daily life.

For laser tightening of the vagina; anesthesia is not needed. Tightening the vagina without anesthesia in a seamless way and rejuvenating the vaginal tissue is very attractive for women.

Is Non-Surgical Vagina Aesthetics Possible?

The number of pregnancies, the number of births, prolonged and traumatic births, age, genetic structure and unsuccessful operations, and subsequent vaginal loosening and subsequent problems make women and couples very unhappy. Apart from surgical procedures for physical appearance disorders in the vagina, non-surgical vaginal aesthetics can be performed without creating a physical incision in the vagina with the renewed technology.

Radio frequency energy has also started to be used in skin renewal in recent years. It has also enabled its practical use for vaginal tightening.

Apart from non-surgical vaginal tightening methods, laser treatment, radiofrequency (RF) technology is now available for genital aesthetics and vaginal tightening. Laser technologies have long been used for skin rejuvenation and tightening in many parts of the body. With laser applications, many women feel happier with these applications and their self-confidence increases.

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Op. Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ
Op. Dr. Azer Aras Uluğ
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